Beth + Ajay
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Our Story

Boy meets girl, girl drives down one-way street. The wrong way...

  • 2007

    D.C. & Nepal

    Beth offered to drive Ajay to the airport after a State Dept. orientation in D.C. Little did either know that (1) they would almost die that day or that (2) they'd get married some 9 years later.

  • 2007-08

    Kathmandu & Delhi

    Ajay attempts to woo Beth for six months. He succeeds. Barely. Together, they romp through the Himalayas, host their first (only) Annual Bollywood Christmas Party, and live through strikes, an election, and a host of intestinal challenges that may or may not plague them today.

  • 2008-10

    Cornell, Atlanta, & points between

    Beth gets into a Master's program at Cornell. Ajay works at Ideas United in Hotlanta. He spends many strange nights stuck in Midwestern airports as Beth inexplicably refuses to come South during long, dark, cold Ithacan winters.

  • 2010-2016

    Berkeley & Beyond

    Ajay gets into graduate school (again), and Beth follows him brainlessly cross-country and chances into forever. Two airline loyalty programs and 25 countries later, we finally decided to make it official.

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Stinson Beach
4 Sept 2016

Getting Out West
Gold in them thar hills!